I took my first mother board back because of this and they replaced it with another. My board has clock gennerator chip also confirmed as such by SiSoft Sandra. At A High Level, Continued. Clock generator chip has number BF printed on it which coincides with what sisoft sandra is saying. Color Me Purple Page Aopen AX4C Max 2:

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MSI 865PE Neo2-P Platinum Edition Bios 3.A

Hardware Details as follows: Can you look at the Clock generator chip on your board and look at the numbers heo2 printed on the chip. SiSoft Sandra SP1.

For Overclocking Fans, Continued Page 5: It worked fine when I built this machine in august, but after a couple of reboots it just ceased to work. Spartan, Slow, Expensive, Continued. Better Than Its Big Brother. No way to access the running program and cannot be shutdown from taskmanager have to remove startup shortcut and restart to stop it.

The Features Giant, Continued Page Since me and jaegger66 have the same clock chip and identical problem it stands to reason that they havent made the core center to run with the ICHBF clock.


MSI 865PE Neo2, SATA HD setup problems

The problem in which Corecenter unable to run is not related to clock gen. So MSI uses different clockgens but their xpp, as well as other utilities, only works with one of them?

PC Mark Application: Still no solution for this and msi tech support seemed to of stopped answering my polite emails. Get The Price Down!

MSI PE Neo2, SATA HD setup problems – Tech Support Forum

This is my second PE Neo2 S board as I took the first one back because core center wouldn’t run, same results on both boards and with jaegger66’s board that makes three with exact same results so board fault unlikely cause. Tried with fresh mdi Windows XP 8665pe no service packs and then with all service packs, with no extra hardware then with all hardware installed.

Our assessment in brief: Above Average, Continued Page Use Live Update to get it. The accurate way to check is to look into the board clock gen directly.

A high performance is achieved by the PAT feature. Quake 3 Arena DirectX 8 Games: I have ClockGen but no-no to corecenter in my system I noticed only one person above had the ICS BF chip and no comment on weather neoo2 or core center worked for him.


You guys are most probably mislead by the info on the clock gen website.

The Features Giant, Continued. My board has clock gennerator chip also confirmed as such by SiSoft Sandra.

Support For PE Neo2-V | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

I allready have the most upto date intel inf, all service packs just did full reinstall after full format. Restrained Enthusiasm Page Benchmarks In Windows XP. At A High Level, Continued. Color Me Purple Page Test Setup And Details Page Can other PE Neo2 users please check your Clock generator chip?

I consider myself reasonably skilled in system building and software but I can’t figure it out.

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