My networking aint the may west, any online resource that may help directly with this? I installed GCC, but “make” will not work on this application I’m trying to compile. I’m hoping for as few steps as humanly possible. I just installed mozilla-player, does anyone know how to set all possible file types to it? NoUse, it freezes when i open it. I should be getting a G router tomorrow, so I can give that a test and see what happens.

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I imagine a nice clean interface like openbox would actually help. I poked around ubuntu. How can i get it set were i dont have to change my network to the loopback then back to eth0 to get my wifi card working?

Different profiles can be configured for each wireless network. The following subset of tools is also installed when you install the utility: Follow the instructions to complete the installation. Windows Management Instrumentation functionality allows administrators who do not have the WiFi connection utility installed to manage remotely clients that do have the WiFi connection utility installed.

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I remember someone in here saying how different iintel new gnome looks Strike4ce, in the terminal write sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop. The Administrator Tool can also be used by an Information Technology department to configure user settings within the WiFi connection utility and to create custom install packages to export to other systems.


I have a few questions.

I’ve already followed the instructions at http: Hello, I’m very new to Ubuntu and desktop Linux in general. Ainvar, it’s available though Actually, I’d be interested to know if that solves it for you. When I press enter at the boot prompt for installation, the one that says press enter for default install.


After replacing the drivers to 9. It’s still going to x Once there are no open files, you should be able to unmount and eject. VenombiteAug 23, This file contains a compressed or zipped set of files.

Why do you want someone to actually establish a connection? Are you sure it’s not enabled? I didn’t do anything weird that would have caused this except maybe upgrade some packages within my breezy. Is there a nicer installer for Ubuntu than the Debian-style console-based one?

Intel PROSet/Wireless Software and Drivers

I should be getting a G router tomorrow, so I can give that a test and see what happens. See Administrator Tool Packages. NoUse, it freezes when i open wirelesx.


Ainvar, hahah right well now you know you can How do I write this command properly? I am waiting for suspend and hibernate to work again for my dell id. I still have a few errors, but at least I can look for it now!

I can’t log into my new wireless router wired atmthe page came up once, then hung, does the same thing in XP I don’t think I’m going to sell that idea to my technophobic little-old-schoolteacher mom.

My personal experience is that reiserfs corrupts massively. TylerDurden, why buy the book when you can get the same information 22000bb I prefer reading “everything” until I understand it and then set the parameters correct the first time.

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