Complete the five-day dump truck training program. Also do not require an HR licence. And when you get a job and are flying to and from Perth regularly, let me know This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. Paul Stuff the two strokes. Based on salaries.

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It took me three or four months to work out that drinking coffee at night did not work, because that would keep me awake during the day as well.

I’d sack’em before they kill someone. Find out who does their hiring, what they are looking for, etc. Would also second what Rich said, many, many guys and gals have done this, thinking to get out after a couple of years, and never been able to leave ’cause they got used to the pay and lifestyle and can’t go back. I’ll give you a tip.

Haul Truck Driver Jobs (with Salaries) |

I’ve been asked for a WA Blue Card Construction Card now at 1 site, but even that doesn’t seem to carry much weight these days. You can visit the website here or find it on Facebook. The rules across each site are also very similar, maybe one or two might be a little different. BGC seem to take a few green people, and green ladies, they have advertised twice in the last -8 months for haul truck drivers at Koolan Island and Coolyournobbin sp?

That’s why it took me three years to get into mining because I didn’t know how to get in. I couldnt find any non-experienced truck drivers for the surface in the 5 minutes I looked but here is a job driving trucks underground I found within the first 30 seconds of looking. The time now is After a Komatsu Limited -Dresser joint venture KDC in was formed, the Haulpak truck line was again partly under new ownership, although by Komatsu had purchased all remaining shares of KDC, making it a wholly owned subsidiary.


Be disciplined with money, no matter how much of it you have.

Mine truck drivers can gain employment working with domestic becom international mining companies. Popular Posts Coal companies target next Bowen Basin discovery.

Kress to design a line becom haul trucks in-house. Wabco had traditionally been a manufacturer of railway air brake systems, but ventured into construction machinery with the purchase of LeRoi air tools and industrial drills in After working as a travel agent for more than a decade, Lisa Mirtsopoulos made a career change and found work in the mining industry.

They actually paid me to be trained instead of me paying for a training program, and at the end of the six weeks if the mining company liked your performance hauplak they offered you a full time role, which they did. What makes you think there is an approaching demise of metallurgical coal when the continual boom of the You and just about everyone else wants to get into FIFO mining.

Latest Comments Most Read Bryan Totally agree Fin, i conduct the testing myself for the company i work for and we are just about to change over to the new drugolyzer machines they are far quicker and less intrusive.


The historic high costs are due to high sost of gas. If your working at the moment might just aw well try a few of the contracting crowds and Rio direct aiming for a Rio site before worrying about spending to much. Do you think there are still opportunities for unskilled people to find work in the mining sector? Everyone else hassles the big companies so it might be worth doing the opposite and talking to the smaller ones that hopefully don’t dismiss you as soon as you say hello.

Adams in and thereafter front end loaders, with the purchase of Scoopmobile. The name was adopted as Wabco Haulpak when R. Plant Operator, Mobile Jobs. Atlas Performance, dyna pumps, ” your name goes here”. Also get an email with jobs recommended aa for me.

Get the Job

I thought ‘wow, if she can do it so can I’. I recently asked two of them what they are looking for and the immediate answer was, “reliability”.

Anything else that’s relevent which I wouln’t know to haulpzk about would be appreciated. How to Become a Mine Truck Driver.

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