As the radio modules are found, they are shown in the working area. Layout Change the network layout. Powered by Atlassian Confluence 5. It might take some time to finish searching. The tool is able to perform range tests of In a large network, it can be difficult to identify the node connections.

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XCTU will continue to perform consecutive scans until you click Stop scanning the network. Click Scan the radio module network to start the network discovery process. As the radio modules are found, they are shown in the working dii. Changing or upgrading the XBee firmware is a delicate process that may harm permanently the XBee module.

XCTU – Next Gen Configuration Platform for XBee/RF Solutions – Digi International

Two specific API and AT consoleshave been designed from scratch to communicate with your radio devices. Click the node you want to inspect to see its connections.

Forum Share your questions with our Developer Community. Selected nodes are marked in blue and connections in black. In both views, the node with a green background corresponds to the local radio module, whereas the one with a xigi background is the selected module.


XCTU Software

Digi Smart Solutions Temperature and task management. By defaultall the filters are enabled, thus all the connections are visible. XCTU contains complete and dgii documentation which can be accessed at any time. Change the network layout.

The Network working mode of XCTU allows you to discover and see the topology of your digu module’s network. Chart control displaying the current and historic link qualities between modules.

An update process allows you to automatically update the application itself and the radio firmware library without needing to download any extra files. You can also set this parameter for each XBee plugging it to the Gateway, and then connecting it to a PC: Digi Smart Solutions is now SmartSense.

The Network perspective only works in API operating mode. The background color of the search box indicates status. Contact a Digi expert and get started today!

Download and install XCTU

Remote firmware update functionality is limited to the following radio modules: For more information about connections, see the Connections in A window like the one below will appear, showing the different functions and the different COM vigi detected.

This feature can be useful when several ZigBee End X-cty or Router have not been configured yet; this way you can get them connected to an existing network in a semi-automatic way. Note it is risky since you could let the XBee without communication. Easily generate any kind of API frame to save its value. For instance, if you enter MAC: Suggestion Box Your feedback is important to us.


Created by DigiDocumentationlast modified on Apr 15, Different controls indicating the number of packets sent, lost, etc. Other features Network mode provides features to help you examine the network: Table view Display the XBee modules as rows in a table.

So, when a new discovery is performed, the module appears because of the preserved information, but the device is unreachable if you try to verify the connection. The Network perspective offers two modes for displaying the network digii your local radio module:. The firmware update process seamlessly restores your module settings, automatically handling mode and baud rate changes.

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