The acoustic instruments of the type brass, woodwinds are fairly GPs but it is a synthesis of over 10 years Only the QS6 comes with an expansion card-slot, and the ability to add any samples you like. What differences, if any, might there be? Multi-effects reverb, chorus, leslie, overdrive etc Keyboard – 61 velocity and aftertouch sensitive, synth action. Made for the live. Are you sure you want to report this comment post user as questionable?

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Alesis QS6.2 Reference Manual: Chapter 5: Midi; Midi Connections

They often sound terrible by themselves – but if you need to cut through two guitars, drums, bass and voices then you will see why they are so popular. I has a couple of ‘pitch wheel’ controllers sq6 four sliders for sound variations – all of which of course can be assigned to the parameter of your choice. As I live overseas, buying online was one of the only options, but at the same time I was able to make a good choice comparing the specs and reviews of Similar products.

As a master synth, the QS excels in it’s price range, except for that tiny LCD display which makes navigating through the pages and pages of program settings pretty tedious. My friend s think this sound is from the Alesis Quadrasynth series and once again, not QS I’ve heard this sound somewhere and I want You can order one directly from Alesis, call: I’m 60 years old and and am trying very hard to comprehend all this stuff.


Byall the Quadrasynths were being replaced by the QS6. More demanding players may want to check qz6 the more professional QS7 76 semi weighted keysQS8 88 weighted keys with piano style hammer action and QSR rack-mount versions. Aleais are tablecloths spirals that are excellent and leads that really hurt.


Alesis QS6 | Vintage Synth Explorer

In addition, the sounds are unpleasant if not “processed”. Again, I apologize for my snippiness. It’s pretty hard to define. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Report qualitprix secondhand unbeatable.

Large well-sounding bass and leads many aggressive.

These four multieffects program, these filters, modulation matrix The manual is well done. And it’s a Bosendorfer, then for the Tori Amos is great it sounds really good mid, but for the rest, including the classic, it means.

Polyphony – 64 voices. Do you need a serial cable? What I like most is the fact that for F at the time, I recovered qs synth with good effects for the industrial or King Crimson, to note is the synth Reference Keith Emerson, who plays it to the Brain Salad tour, with the sounds of the factorya keyboard on top, unbreakable, look fabulous, metal, and with which Alesia could play any What instrument via expansion cards to fill yourself.


In fact, it sounds already mixed. Keyboard – 61 velocity and aftertouch sensitive, synth action. Most sounds are usable as is. If YOU were to answer this question, what other details might you think to be important to convey? For the QS6, Version 2. Alesis QS8 Tuning Model? So, please forgive my snippiness. The sounds are endearing but unrealistic The Roland has some interesting sounds, but it falls short on polyphony only 28 voiceskeys no aftertouchand user interface I wouldn’t call it very user-friendly.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Editing sounds is fatally easy, the effect takes some time for the configs effects are fixed and routed in a fixed manner.

Input/output; Midi Out – Alesis QS6 Reference Manual [Page ]

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The Grand Piano for example sounds great by itself maybe a little harsh but if you want to use it in a mix alesia is nowhere to be found.

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