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How to Add Windows Host to Nagios Monitoring Server

What did you just do? Not sure if its because I’m using Icinga2 or something else. This is useful for monitoring RTA, packet loss, and general network connectivity. Nagios XI is the easy-to-use, enterprise version of Nagios that features:.

There are many ways to find messages but the nwgios solution is to filter on log, source providerand id. Black Toner Cartridge is OK! Service – Started Check to see if a service is started. The plugin is capable of detecting the following printer states:.

No SNMP response from No percentage more or less.

SNMP Printer Check – Nagios Exchange

The sample configuration entries below reference objects that are defined in the sample config files commands. For the black toner cartridge nagos only one in this printer there are two states reported like this: Good Script, Very helpful.


I can’t get them configured correctly in the Nagios config files.

File to read can be specified multiple times to check multiple files. Prerequisites The first time you configure Nagios Core to monitor a network printer, you’ll need to do a bit of extra work.

I’m not that familiar with bash scripting but I played around a bit when I changed line from “idle 3 ” to idle it worked as expected and now I got: You can modify the definitions in these and other definitions to suit your needs better if you’d like. Nagios Monitor Windows Host.

We do, however, think these community contributions are pretty damn cool. This can be configured via the scan-range nagoos specifies the number of hours from now to look.

In a school with lots of different types and ages of colour printers, this plugin is incredibly useful due to its versatility nagioa ease of use. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There are several different use cases covered in this KB article: Also simplified output some and added ability to pass long style options February 6, at 6: How to Install Ubuntu A simple way to find the actual name of an event log channel is to view its properties right-click the channel and click properties:.


Following eventpog are already added and enabled in windows. We have Xerox, Ricoh and HP printers at our facility and I found that the status function wasn’t returning enough info for me.

But if you for instance want nqgios get an error if the message is 24 hours old and a warning if it is 1 week you would do:. After you have done this you will need to changes the main code, you will have to add the commands to name you can use.

E-mails will finally contain lines 2 and up of the output. For some devices this output can get huge. Memory Checks Ecentlog times since Mon, Nov 13, Common option for all checks.

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