Do not question it. Nov 15, Posts: Dec 29, Posts: Microsoft Arch Wireless Mouse, best for mobility and smoothness. Sometime during the frustrating accounts process I gave it the bash and as a result the middle mouse no longer worked and now I need to find a replacement, ideally something that works a lot better. KheltonHeadley , Jul 27,

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It’s been several days and reboots have not affected the functions of any of the features of the M The touch zone logittech the mechanical scroll wheel and lets you scroll your screen by sliding your fingers up-down or left-right.

It’s probably the best mouse I have ever used – and I have used over 12 different mice I actually bought a dozen of them because I am picky and OCD! Considering this has logietch a bug for years now, I don’t see that logitehc fixed any time soon, so buyer beware and all that.

Watch the overview now. They were glitchy and not particularly user-friendly or Mac-like. Nov 12, Posts: The Logitech T is an ultra-sleek and comfortable mouse with a full touch surface designed for natural, fluid navigation through Windows 8.

Logitech T Zone Touch Mouse | TechRadar

To be honest, I’m wondering if the problems in the OP are hardware related at all. Improve your Unity skills with a certified instructor in a private, interactive classroom. Feb 7, Posts: I also use Logitech mice, a G5 at work and a G at home. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website logitrch subject to these policies.


KrygerJul 27, As a bluetooth device my mouse teleports across the screen in 3 inch jumps. Deleted User likes this.

Its got a middle mouse button and a GREAT scroll wheel that can spin forever which is great when you are reading documents that are hundreds of page or a lousy forum like this one! And it sounds like the same issue logitecu with different levels of sensitivity. Signature Klipsch Sound for Active Lifestyle.

Please subscribe so that you can receive notifications when new articles are released. But as you gesture on a larger mouse surface, care has to be taken not to accidentally click the mouse, which could easily happen if you put pressure on the mouse with your thumb and ring finger.

Thanks for your thoughts and comments – some good info here!

MrEsquireJul 31, Nov 28, Posts: I logitrch burned bad with a whole-system freezing issue in Mavericks when switching applications with their default drivers. JamesLeeNZJul 29, Like and Subscribe I’m so glad that you visited my site and hope you have found what you are looking for.


Mac Users, what mouse are you using?

MarbleJul 27, Nov 10, Posts: I fired up my crappy magic mouse and as well as actually not having a middle mouse it logihech bluetooth every 5 minutes for up to one minute where it just doesnt work. The entire surface on the T is touch-enabled so your touch gestures are not restricted to zones. Also, it’s critical to buy and use SteerMouse.

GeneBoxJul 29, The SetPoint software intelligently identifies the Logitech product that logutech plugged in and displays the available options.

The touch-sensitive part of the mouse is confined to the middle button, and it’s nice and responsive, enabling you to scroll both horizontally and vertically.

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