I have left the 1st mouse with my dad. Another geat thing is that you can use it from long distances. Has not missed a beat. This is really handy when you want to surf on your computer but have to do something else a little bit away. As long as you remember to turn it off when you finish with it, Its a real pain when you go to use it and the batteries are dead cause its been left on for weeks.

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Logitech V450 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks

Suspects it’s still draining on battery power even though it’s on standby. The DPI isn’t very high so I wouldn’t recommend using this for applications that require intense precision coreless as 3d games or graphic design.

Logitech Official Call our Support Team on and they’ll step you through doing it or check out the user guide here; http: The bottom slides really well on a mouse pad.

You don’t have to be some kind of a master to do it. If you dont like to have a cord which gets tangled up and limits where you can use your mouse then a cordless unit like this from Logitech is the way to go. It also looks very nice, it has a really stylish design. I have left the 1st mouse with my dad. Your trust is our top concern. Like all wireless IT products, signal from mouse will free or lag if a mobilephone is placed near by.


I bought my mouse in a bundle with the Logitech keyboard so the colours match and look really good together. Logitech replied on Feb 28, I have had other logitech mouses and the battery time have always been good but this mouse was obviously an exception.

It’s wireless which is always good if your using traveling or just don’t want to deal with an added wire and restricted usage. The scroll can also be pressed and then drag the mouse down to scroll the page rather than scrolling the scroll.

It looks nice, feels very nice and except for the logotech time there is not anything at all wrong with it, but that feels like a small issue so i would still recommend it to anyone that needs a new mouse.

If you are not a game enthusiast, then this mouse would suit you.

My overall opinion is that despite the low battery time this is a really great mouse that is worth it’s price. Its a good mouse for basic functions like web browsing and the range on the wireless is good too I can use it from above and under the level of the laptop as well as from several feet away.


This product has been easy to use and without fault. It’s an expensive mouse, but a very good one. How do you change the mosue on V laser mouse???

Not reccomended for play games, as games would be better off with a corded version which gives more precision.

I have owned several different products which I found to be slow to respond and much less accurate. Has not missed a beat.

Logitech V Nano Cordless Laser Mouse Reviews –

The price is average compared to other optical mice. The sides have grip, but not a bumpy feel.

This product is one of the best that I have come across. Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. Call our Support Team on and they’ll step you through doing it or check out the user guide here; http: I personally recommend this mouse. Other than that i can’t really say anything negative about this really great mouse. Very small USB dongle.

Write a review Ask a question. I’ve had my one for about 5 months now and it still works great.

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