The phone has a distinctive look about it – the bulge on the right is a little bit of a culture shock, but it’s a comfy fit in the hand, and the phone is by no means a brick. Hopefully other users will find this forum and start adding some discussion. Please use our Sat Nav forum if you wish to discuss this subject in more detail. Does the Lobster support large fonts? Go to the forum. However, it didn’t work well on a train — it frequently froze — and occasionally cut out on the bus and car if we were in areas with very bad reception.

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If you have any more questions about ringtones – please ask in our forum.

However, it didn’t work well on a train — it frequently froze — and occasionally cut out on the bus and car if we were in areas with very bad reception. In developing this handset HTC has not been able to build a larger than usual screen into the larger than usual casing, the display being a standard x pixels and 2. Notes from site visitors: We expect this will all change in time, though. It’s Septemberand we finally have a Lobster TV in our hands.

Signal is achieved by the Lobster TV’s headphone lobsterr doubling up as the aerial to boost reception and while the use the cable is an obvious one, in a world where more of us are using Bluetooth headsets the need to go back to wires is rather frustrating.

Wherever you need to watch TV, whether it’s Eastenders on the bus, or Coronation Street in a cab, Virgin Mobile TV will make sure you never have to miss an episode of your favourite programme again.


Virgin Mobile Lobster 700TV

Will there be more channels? TV and Radio This is obviously the ‘killer app’ 700tvv major selling point for this phone, and the Lobster does, indeed, do what it says on the tin.

Above this bank are the Windows Mobile Smartphone soft-menu keys, and below them the number pad which is again relatively large. Those looking specifically for a ‘TV phone’ may be disappointed but other features such as DAB are a real plus.

Virgin Mobile Lobster TV Review | ZDNet

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme 8. The Lobster TV is a standard Windows Mobile Smartphone device, and there’s a fair amount of third party software applications, games, etc available that will run on this device. But there is a lot of play behind them. For help getting online, see our Windows Smartphone Connect page.

Another problem we found was that the images on the TV didn’t refresh fast enough in relation to the audio, creating a dubbed film-like effect, with people’s mouths not moving in time with what they were saying. Google Pixel XL 8. So what’s on offer with BT Movio? Large in size and weight it’s grams and bigger than the early 3G handsets the phone also offers a 1. BBC One will be available on lobsterr trial basis for 12 months and will be provided free to consumers regardless. I can’t tune in to all of the channels Do need a TV licence?

For help with software installation, see our ActiveSync section.


Lobster TV | TechRadar

Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Use these during a call to increase or decrease the volume. Scroll to the MID file you want to use, and select it. Selecting the DAB mode, which includes up to 50 DAB radio stations as well as TV channels, is via a dedicated control on the phone’s, err, elbow, that lobstfr also select Internet Explorer this is a Windows-powered phone after all.

Here are some other useful snippets from our site visitors: We’ve had a couple of mails from people asking about Satellite Navigation on the Lobster More importantly, just as the case with high-definition TV, the BBC’s channel is part of a trial and likely to be switched off in October Don’t leave it gathering dust – recycle it.

Lobster 700TV Mobile Phone with built-in TV and Radio

You might want to do that, but you’ll be put off by the need to power down and remove both battery and SIM to get at the card. Which is the top Android phone to buy today?

You can, though, play output through either the Lobster TV speaker or the headset. It’s either there or its not and so we found that we saw the “Lost Signal” message showing on our screen more than we would have liked.

Make sure this lovster set correctly. My Profile Log Out.

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