The CasesElapsedTimeView table exists only if there are elapsed time variables in the data file. Cases Table The Cases table identifies the cases and values in the data file. The SQL subcommand uses standard SQL syntax to specify the variables fields to include, the name of the database table, and the case record selection rules. How to Configure the Service Driver on Windows 1. The size depends on the maximum variable name string length for all variables in the data file.

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Defining tables for data service data sources. In many situations, you can use the CasesView table by itself. No SQL pushback or optimization–only reading data from, and writing data to, the database.

You can also use the driver without a DSN. If the server has a faster processor or more RAM compared to service client machines, there may also be performance improvements.

This is the order in which the variable appears in the data file. The furnishing of this document does not grant you any license to these patents. Only the resulting cases are sent to the service client. If you put your data files on the same computer on which the service driver is installed, the service driver can reduce network traffic because all the slss occur on the server. Remove jsbc installation directory. Double-click the installer file. The selected credential is not actually passed to the data source due to the authentication method, but the test requires that a credential be specified.


Installation and Configuration This section provides information for installing the standalone driver, the service driver, and the service client driver.

The host name or IP address of the computer on which the service driver is running. The service client driver provides an interface between the client application that needs to read the. Stop the driver daemon by running the stopStatisticsDataDriverService.

JDBC data sources

The user name jdbcc the password-protected data file. Specifying a JNDI name for an application server data source. You will need the following information.

The size depends on the maximum string length of all labels for the variable. The path cannot contain any equals sign or semicolon characters. This may be specified in a variety of ways.

Note that if the service startup is configured to be Automatic, the service will start automatically whenever the computer is restarted. Click OK to close the dialog box. However, the standalone driver works only with ODBC. Excel and Access do not support bit drivers.


The default port number is automatically entered.

The standalone driver provides ODBC support without requiring installation of additional components. The default is shown in the example. The size depends on the maximum variable label string length for all variables in the data file. If apss users are going to access the service, be sure to change the default to the server computer’s network name or IP address.

Adding a Database Connection

Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the United States, other countries, or both. These examples have not been thoroughly tested under all conditions. The password for data file. For example, you can install the service driver on a UNIX machine and the service client driver on a Windows machine.

If you want to access data files through ODBC, the easiest solution is to install the standalone driver.

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