Anonymous December 16, at 8: Szabocls Illes March 11, at 4: What is the output of pciconf -lv? Thanks for all your help, SimonZ. I would try to re-enable it to see if disks show up, but unfortunately without it disabled I get a PSOD on boot… It seems I’m stuck on both ways! VERY much appreciated, if you could add.

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ESXi RAID on Intel ICH10R – Server Fault

There is no need to add its PCI ID through sata-xahci, because it is already included in the standard mappings of the sata-ahci driver. Also if you can add jch10r part driver those driver must be hardware RAID. Andreas Peetz December 16, at 1: Hi Adalbert, this is an awesome finding, thank you very much for doing these investigations! OJ Yildirimer November 18, at 8: Anonymous November 5, at 2: Unfortulately I have planned to use VT-D Glenn, if you use passthrough to make your controller directly available to a VM then jch10r really don’t need an ESXi driver for it The device is passed through, but not used by the VMkernel to access the attached disks.


After rebooting the ESXi server lspci shows: Hello Andreas, i have the same controller and installed this icb10r, but the controller doesnt appear on the hardware list for passthrough Not the same anonymous as before but is this what you where looking for? If you want to dive deeper into this then please read my post here: Mehdi 18 1 1 4.

VMware VSAN 6.1 In The Lab

I still can’t come up with a good reason why the onboard sata controller won’t properly passthrough, but my ESXi-Fu is not strong so I’ve ordered an IBM as suggested above.

You cannot use Linux drivers in ESXi without porting them.

Anonymous December 16, at 8: Any chance you can add 10de: Please post the output of lspci -v grep “Class ” -B 1 Eesx Andreas.

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Andreas Peetz March 22, at 6: Are you sure that you have connected the disks to these ess But many others who have unsupported AHCI controllers lost them when upgrading from 5. Hi Anonymous, the Intel controller I found an older post about some confusion regarding a driver version 21 and firmware version 20, but it’s over a year old.


I have no idea why you do not see the disks attached to it if any?!

Initialization of ahci succeeded with module ID All native vmklinux VID: Hi, Can you please add the Marvell tu the supported controllers?

Anonymous January 26, at 5: Alex Kirtok November 14, at 1: You’ve made my year!

Interestingly, the previous settings were all ixh10r as if the installer read the old disk and included the drivers for the GA-Z87 motherboard. StuxThanks for your input and the link to your build thread. P8P67 Deluxe Motherboard Class Andreas Peetz November 23, at 6: Any ideas why the attached SSD drive is not visible?

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