BUT we must take Power-Factor into account so although the apparent power is 4. How the measurements are used after that depends on what information is needed. It also measures inrush currents of electrical items like electrical motors and water pumps, where the inrush currents can exceed 15A. In the case of a problem, you can contact us by e-mail Please use eBay messaging system or such. Turn your device over and press the back cover lightly to slide out the back cover. You can also start and stop or pause a measurement period. Chapter 7 Using Outlook

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For your convenience If looking through the i-mate Pm1a0 user mare directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions: You do not have to print the entire manual i-mate PM10A but the selected pages only. Network Cards Settings Then, push back the red battery lock into place to fix the battery. After the first synchronization, you will notice that your Outlook information now appears on your Pocket PC Phone.

Power-Mate for Power measurement

Picture Theme Capture Mode This method is ideal for quickly switching between multiple devices since there are no cables or adapters to change. The Cost function will then display the actual pm10aa in dollars and cents to four decimal places. Many people prefer to read the documents not on the screen, but in the printed version. You can also start and stop or pause a measurement period.


i-mate pm10a ce Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

Summary of the content on the page No. Locking The Sim Card The internal backup battery can mae protect the data in case of battery or SIM card change. Connecting To A Private Network Locking The Keypad Whilst in Volts, Current and Power modes, the maximum and minimum values can be displayed.

In the case of a problem, you can contact us jate e-mail Please use eBay messaging system or such. Our goal is to provide you with a quick access to the content of the user manual for i-mate PM10A.

Stylus And Stylus Slot Your first synchronization will automatically begin when you finish the installation wizard. The Navigation Pad And Dialing Designed for busy households, you simply input your kilowatt-hour rate shown on your last energy bill and you are ready to start measuring your home appliances. If longer term data logging of power is required, or for monitoring whole circuits of buildings, see: Maye the Power-Mate was connected to a fridge during its compressors rest or off state, it would appear as if the fridge cost nothing to run, conversely if the compressor was running when the Power-Mate was first connected, and you checked the quarterly or yearly cost it would indicate a much higher figure than the 24 hour measurement will yield, due to the number of stopped or rest cycles that will occur.


Connecting to a pc via a cable or cradle, Connecting to a pc by infrared – i-mate PM10A User Manual

Need a WiFi card? I would expect to measure something like 0.

Making A Call BUT we must take Power-Factor into account so although the apparent power is 4. Even better, unwanted display screens can be suppressed from view.

I understand this does not apply to small domestic consumers yet, but does apply to larger industries. Outlook information now appears. Contact us for pm10q info: The Power-Mate and Power-Mate Lite are highly accurate plug-in energy meters for measuring the electricity usage of appliances. Data retention in the case of shut down low battery is 72 hours.

The data that’s collected will tell you the power usage over time. Creating An Mms Message

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