What does Google know about me? Answered Mar 3, I would say that for slight mis-hits, this club performed great — no significant loss in distance and the dispersion was very tight. Better to leave the club face square and have a friend take a video of your swing from behind you so you get to see your swing looking down the line, as we call it. Can I stop my slice by having more loft on my golf driver? Ugly as Mick Jagger in a tutu, but would be forgiving. Updated Sep 12,

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Nike VRS Covert 2.0 Tour Driver Review

Best to experiment with various fixes until you figure out what works for you. When Nlke throw a drive in disc golf, why does the disc always fall to the left at the end of the flight?

Equipment Forum Thread of the Day: I hope this helps. C Try putting a golf towel under your left armpit and actually try practice swinging all your clubs in your bag minus the putter the goal is not to drop the towel until after full swing is complete – this will force you to not produce adjusr swing plane that creates the slice.


April 3, by Matt Murley.

Face Angle

Do not though let it get into your head though that by closing the face will cure a bad slice and vice versa. I was one of the guys who had to have all the newest, greatest stuff coming out each ho. I want to share with you the most important tip that cured my slice. Hope this helps explain the ball flights a little more Page on youtube.

What kind of driver should I use to get started in a long drive competition? Geoff Callow Feb 18, at 6: Uther Supply Golf Towels.

Answered Jul 19, To be honest, changing the club itself will make little difference. Most ‘slicers’ cut across the ball with the club moving from outside the ball before impact, to inside then ball after impact. The 5kg bell end of course.

I also take it up to Knowing a little of Biomechanics can admust makes sense of many golfing myths. Forums New posts Search forums. If aejust shot is a slice starting left and then curving rightthen your club face is already pointing left of target at impact.

Needless to say I like good golf equipment. If your swing is inconsistent, and if you’re like most golfers it probably is, you might find that today’s equipment adjustment won’t be effective tomorrow. GolfWRX surrounds consumers throughout the buying, learning and enrichment process from original photographic and video content, to peer to peer advice and camaraderie, to technical how-tos, and more.


Nike VRS Covert Tour Driver Review | Three Guys Golf

Guide to planning a Bandon Dunes Golf Trip. Over the span of my time swinging this club, however, I have had some funky thoughts about how important pure distance vsr to me. Eramus Tilley Feb 16, at 3: You dismissed this ad.

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A Standing at address with the club face neutral, Parallel to the ball leg stance shoulder width apart, ball position lined up with your left heel For a driver. Can I stop my adjus by having more loft on my golf driver?

Is that how I address the ball? What are some good tips to hit the ball consistently with a driver, iron, etc.?

News 1 month ago. Which will do more damage to the wood? What can I do to increase the distance of my drives?

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