May 6, at On smaller amps it, and most of the clones, will sound a bit fizzy due to the bright silicon transistor and the overall bright tone of the pedal. Hi, Finally I have bought it. The Power Boost is a pre-amp booster and EQ in one. Fabulous, absolutley nailed it. October 28, at 9: Konx said Could you share the pic or video where It appears?

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Your name or email address: I need your advice!! If it were you, what boost schematic would you choose to insert into the enclosure? But unfortunately it ist as expensive as the Coloursounf Power Boost.

Oct 25, 3. The Power Boost is a pre-amp booster and EQ in one. I have never played thorough an Original Colorsound…. I think the ThroBak works best as a booster. Chris chaney said Think of your amp as a pedal platform this way lik It has that unmistakable vintage flavour but you can easily use it for lots of different tones and genres.


ThroBak Overdrive Boost review

I NEED that amp! I have seen you have updated the picture of your Vintage Gear and the throbak is in! Another favourite of mine is the Ontario, Canada June show. It seems to have the same concept and is much cheaper to get, so i wonder if it could be a substitute. When the Power Boost came out it was running on 18V.

Can you shed some light on this for me. Before or after the Tube Driver?

He did also use the Fuzz Face quite a lot for rhythms back then. I already own one BD-2 that i can used as a booster or overdrive. You are the man! Personally I prefer a bit more dirt from my boosters but the TC does the job nicely.

How does the Proanalog Power Driver compare? November 21, at 1: October 2, at 8: October 15, at 3: Gets a bit too saturated on humbuckers for my taste.


ThroBak Overdrive Boost review |

But i am honestly getting quite tired of the routine I mentioned above. Both sound great although the reissue definetelyt has germanikm Mojo. Some have more headroom.

His actual name was Bjorn Taylor, and he was the long-time guitar technician of David Gilmour! Thanks for the info, you were, as usual, spot on! A lot of guitarists blended FFs in the early days.

Obviously, ooverdriver depends on your amp settings and pickups but other Powerbooster clones like the Electronic Orange Bananaboost and Vick Audio Overdriver has a lot more gain. April 8, at May 28, at 4:

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