Even then, they would crop off part of the picture. I originally tried broadcast, but kept getting errors. Click here to register as an affiliate. Ask a question about this product. Results 1 to 3 of 3. There have been no reviews.

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I have seen stability differences between external FW card and internal FW.

Cablevision seems to have disabled firewire for all premium channels No 64 bit version of Windows is able to do this type of firewire capture. Quote message in reply? When something was 5C, the resulting file would choke ShowAnalyser and eventually crash my system.

Fri Oct 06, Note that passwords are case-sensitive.

Ya,i read about no firewire capture drivers for 64 bit,ill give it a try in win7 32 to see if if the firewire still works. The LCD display of firwwire dct shows the digits flash by, as if it’s going to change channels, but then it glitches and reverts back to the channel it was already on instead of changing to the new channel.

Hacking the Motorola DCT6200

Find all posts by MickMcGeough. Now only digital channels Worked out-of-the-box with “generic” firewire STB setup. MPEG-4 channels don’t work with 0. Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Can you tell me or point me to a thread that describes how you set up your ‘s to your VMC through firewire? And if I go through the effort of setting it up, it works with SageTV, right?


Ealier my firewire card and my on-the-motherboard sound were sharing IRQ 7. If I move to a firewire card with an NEC chipset will these problems go away completely? Fedora 22, Myth 0. During card setup selected Generic firewire since is not listed is.

I filed a complaint with the FCC, citing http: I plugged the wire in to the corresponding firewire ports on the and on the TV. Same process as theirs. The time now is Or is the problem with my Hitachi TV? Anyone know firewiee to get Sage to always display like this for specific channels?

I’m firewife to see how my system does over the next week now that the firewire card no longer shares an IRQ with the sound card and see how it goes.

Your mileage may vary, but if you’re having trouble, definitely try a different Firewire controller. Options Quote message in reply? After that point, all analog channels could only be accessed if I first changed the channels with a remote.


Firewire capture with a motorola dct on shaw cable. – VideoHelp Forum

Tune channel, press power button the put box in standby and then press “OK” twice to bring up menu or use scanfw from mythbuntu. Enjoy the astonishing picture firewirr sound quality of High-Definition HD on your HD television, plus hundreds of channels of digital cable and advanced interactive features with this convenient one-box solution.

Called cable company who said ports are disabled. Ask a question about this product. I am not sure if that is a driver issue or a box issue but I think it may be the way that the drivers interact with the SA box because people with Macs seem to have more luck than those of us with windows. X, I suspect it’s the SIS chipset.

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