And then I installed LCC version v6. I have normally two solutions which help: However, then you would not be able to hear audio from the web page. Of course, you’ll have to reset the mixer as above each time you change a preset. It works fine for this purpose.

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I ran the maintenance program in the LCC which completed without any issues. I exited Cubase then restarted it and it then reappeared in the volume mixer and sound started coming out.

I’m using Cubase 4. I’m also on a mac. The remedy was to uninstall the currently installed version LCC v4. Could you try and use a different plugin other than the LM-7 That’s pretty old. Who is online Users browsing this forum: If not it will not be recognized. I think this problem is quite strange, but since there is a workaround I do not cubaes o much about it.

CharlesCoastJul 11, At this point you will also need to open Win7 sound device window and choose the new device and the stereo inputs and outputs you wish to be primary for you computer.


I’m a bit confused whether I have did it correctly or not. Make a track with vaild drum loop for 16 bars or whatever. But then I tried to play the file again, it still doesn’t work.

For some reason, you have the track’s Input Transformer on see screenshot. In the case of Cubase, also remove any Preferences from earlier versions e. Google [Bot] and 7 guests. This is easy to do, open the Bios and find valjd device: I as a Cubase Studio user am not interested in why my plug works in Cubase 4, I simply expect from NI to make it work in MY host, which is a standard one.

Would be great if you could advise me thanks Vic, Mory. Can someone at NI reposed to this post?

Cubase Sx No Valid Asio Driver | softstubfi

No, create an account now. Your name or email address: It’s a bug that will never be fixed on Mac, but at least Kore users have a workaround. Hover the mouse over the division between the parameters and the drum note entries and “pull the curtain” to the right to reveal all the parameters and make sure all the drum Outputs are assigned to Track Not Connected in s3 contextual pull down.


Could you try to turn the controll room off? It’s just a little bit annoying in the sense, the error shouldn’t come up, but the workaround costs me 5 seconds, so no terrible issue Who is online Users browsing this forum: Can you try to switch all your other applications off? avlid

Happy Holidays!

However, then you would not be able to hear audio from the web page. For example, try Absynth as an FX, it works. I assume this is what was causing my problem a couple of days ago. If yer gear audiio breakin down, you aint workin’ much.

The company has been developing.

Maybe it is not set up the right way which leads to no sound.

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