Using a Flash Memory Card Reader Self-timer Self-timer Capture 10 sec. NTFS and these memory cards need to be reformatted before they can be used with the camera. The installation program starts automatically. Troubleshooting Section If you need help with your camera, refer to the Troubleshooting section of this manual on page

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Using A Memory Card Using a Memory Card When you insert a flash memory card into the digital camera, new images, videos, and audio files are automatically saved to the card. Press the MENU button to exit the menu. If an SD card is installed, photos and video clips are cocnord on the SD card.

The SD card ejects part way out of the slot D.

Safety Tips And Maintenance The maximum length of an individual video or audio clip depends on the amount of camea memory. Protect any photos or video clips that you want to keep to ensure that they are not accidentally erased.


If a photo is taken when the folder with highest folder number contains a picture file number equal to or greater thanthe camera creates a new folder by adding one to the current folder number. Moisture creates the caemra of fire and electric shock. Refer to the application help documentation for information on using the software. Press the Continous Shot Button. Table of Contents Getting Started Please use a soft dry cloth to clean the camera.

The The following list describes each flash mode. Fcc Compliance And Advisory The installation program starts automatically. Press the SET button.

Print Order Setting Press SET to protect the file. Photos and video clips cannot be recovered from memory after formatting. Using The Included Accessories Deleting All Unprotected Files Press the SET button to confirm the setting. Slide the Macro Mode Switch to mode.

Concord Camera Digital Camera User Manual |

Protect any photos or video clips that you want to keep to ensure that concodr are not accidentally erased. Auto Auto Photo Mode is the simplest to operate and is recommended for beginners. Understanding Camera Memory And Storage Protecting Photos and Video Clips Cannot transfer images to a computer after connecting the USB cable.


You can erase individual files or all files when the cam- era is in Playback mode.

Follow the application’s on-screen instructions, or refer to its Help section for operating. Press the MENU button. Do not conncet the camera to the computer befor the camera driver installation is completed.

Concord Camera 3045 Manuals

Most support issues are answered in the FAQ section. Using an SD card reader connecting to a notebook computer 2 3 Open My Computer or Windows Explorer and double-click the removable drive icon that represents the SD card.

Audio file 1 2 3 4 Use the left and right buttons to select an image.

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