I bought two sets. The actual radiating material is phenolic resin, as used in printed circuit board manufacture. Electrically this may not be a three way design, but acoustically it is. ABRs behave in a different manner from the ‘organ pipe’ design of a standard tuned reflex port. The ‘domes’ fitted just did not sound right and even on a good set up you could hear this an almost s “prog rock” sound – and I am not into prog rock so much. Also shop in Also shop in.

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It was eventually replaced by the I5XR The speaker cabinets however were terrible so I have had to scrap them. It seems their popularity has waned throughout the years, though based on the quality of these examples I cannot think why.

Celestion Ditton 15 – Article – Vintage Speakers Review

Opinions remain divided, but I think it is an absolutely superb thing. My next experience was of their. The tweeter design passed on to Celestion. As I say, i was not expecting these to be a erplacement for anything I have already, merely indulging in an interest in hifi gear from the past. The HF tweeter can do some wonderful things in certain circumstances the numerous BBC derivatives for examplebut the Ditton 15 isn’t the best speaker to hear it it uses a more basic magnet assembly I think.

Celestion Ditton

One of the mid speakers isn’t working but all the rest are working a treat. Originally Posted by leo I got a pair of these in the garage, 3 quid from a charity shop, seemed a shame to just ignore them when walking celestioj Indeed it would have been a waste had you not picked them up. Iconic Celestion Ditton 44 Loudspeakers from the 70’s – Fully re-built and sounding like new.


Wartime problems forced a merger with British Rola and the name expanded to Rola Celwstion for a period. Simple first order crossover on bass and second order on treble. I have now tried quite a few “classc” speakers, and if I am honest I find it hard to see, other than fancy materials and a flash box, just what the newer ones offer that these don’t.

The original Ditton 15 is a seriously well engineered loudspeaker, a bargain for the money, something you can play with, and play real music on. Digging out some fairly heavy cathedral organ recordings showed lower bass was no disgrace.

For easy access the simple hard wired crossover is mounted directly to the back of the terminal panel. One of the speakers has the red screw knob missing but has been replaced by a black one as picture Browse Related Browse Related.

I am not sure what its resonant frequency is, but by shaking the unit out of the box it was possible to detect quite a low frequency low level ‘rumble’ coming from the modulated air. Been stored for three years in spare bedroom been used recently to check everything ok No problems at all still the Anyway, if anyone has any nuggets of information on this model, please post them here.

Sensitivity measures just under 90dB per watt, pretty sensitive, but not amazingly so. In hindsight making the 1 8 Ohm may have saved some of them.


The bass could be a tad odd. The ‘domes’ fitted just did not sound right and even on a good set up you could hear this an almost s “prog rock” sound – and I am not into prog rock so much.

When you take into account the age of these speakers, it may be easy to assume that they are everything a modern speaker shouldn’t be, yet my experience is qite the opposite. Playing very well known Jazz to me!

Celestion Ditton 15 ‘vintage’ Speakers

I think the Ditton 15 was of its time – the early seventies. Good condition vintage speakers with lovely sound quality, which up until celestionn year were used by my dad who bought them new many many years ago! Celestion specs are ,Hz on frequency response. Power handling quoted is thirty watts on the cabinet back. Those with finger skills could easily tease a tiny amount of copper wire from the speakers voice coil baws repair it. Buy carefully and get a bargain.

When purchasing, be warned! Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date.

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