I always shake and take off my hat and never wear a hat indoors. Due to the shape of the tip for both shaft, the kick point will be different despite what the manufacture told us. You currently have javascript disabled. Make sure to roughen the plug for better adhesion. Under no circumstances should you use a torch on titanium heads. Sign up for a new account in our community. Off course this method will not works on the X

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I’m wondering if anyone has ever shipped a fairway wood s back to Callaway for reshafting? Keep reshqft club moving back and forth across the face of the wheel so as not to gouge the shaft in one place. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Posted August 16, I thought I heard fallaway that caolaway you reshaft a club it doesn’t do as well as before. Register for free today!

Unless you’ve been actually fitted? I won’t really be able to try out different shafts and my one concern is that when I’m hitting my irons well I have a very high ball flight.

Callaway Big Bertha Reshafting

Additionally, are there any issues resifting a graphite model with steel? Reshagt understanding is if Callaway completes the reshaft a one-year warranty will apply. When the shaft is flush to the sole you will find that you’ve hit the duct tape in several spots good, it did it’s job!


Keep in mind the GBBII woods have bore thru hosels which stiffens the tip without additional tip trimming. Down my toe line.

You’ll notice that the shaft is split on the ends. Hence the club frequency come out to reg flex. And we have to go to specialty tool store to find a reemer. Assuming the shafts are exactly as they need to be the rest is easy.

Callaway Reshafting Services

Best to let them ship it to the factory if you have any concerns though. Having said that, Callaway bore-through reshafts are not the troublesome things they once were. Project X shafts are expensive, yet if you order caklaway off of the internet as a badge of honor?

reshafh Posted December 9, By installing the new shaft in a couple of distinct steps you will save a lot of effort over trying to do everything at once. Make sure the shafts you’re going to get suit your swing better than current one.

Callaway Reshaft Experience

Put a little quick set epoxy on the shaft, install the ferrule and then insert the shaft in the head until enough sticks out reshaftt the sole to rim off properly. At this point you still want a snug fit, so just take off enough paint to get the shaft through the head.


Makes all future reshafts much easier as well.

IMO, It depends on the shaft you’re switching to and the fitter’s skills. In fact, in the year I have been using the Golfworks extractor, I have not lost one graphite shaft during removal. Want to hide this ad? Just remember when working with Berthas that you have calalway hosel to heat, resshaft the heat gun moving constantly so as not to scorch or discolor the head or ruin the exposed part of the shaft at the point it enters the callway. Took the club back to the retailer to have the frequency checked.

Currently, experimenting with 6g of lead tape on the toe – that’s another story. A good extractor allows you to exert modest but constant pressure while heating the club, so you feel the epoxy bond let go and can immediately remove the heat source while safely pushing the head off the shaft.

Give Jamie a visit, he’s a good guy. Awards, Achievements, and Accolades. That’s why I highlighted the comment.

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