The character is paranted to reference object that follows a curve. Aligorith Aligorith As with the main window, each new window can be subdivided into areas. You will get a load of boxes, but we only need to look at the Grav, Goal, and the bottom parts:. This page explains the most striking differences between Blender 2. The character can walk in straight line on flat terrain:

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There’s no light shining on the plane where the camera is, so its just shaded dark. How does one cause an object to follow a curve in Blender 2. Your scene should look like the picture below:.


This now shines the light in the direction of the plane, but, if like mine, the light is above the plane in top-view, press [G], [Y] and then Oh I put the conveyer belt on a lattice and rotated the belt with a driver…Ok I got it what ur doing Its curve deform no drivers it is different. First you will have to choose “Force Field”, then change the Type to “Wind”. The more complicated one: Everything you see in the Properties can be animated, driven, and freely changed by the user.

This window is unidimensional — it only represents the time in your scene, along its horizontal axis.


Scripting is not my cup of tea: This window just shows where the key frames you entered are, and how much the shape changes, moves or rotates.

Place it about -5 from the centre [G, y, -5] and make sure its still in the middle of the X axis. Number 1 shows the current frame number and the name of the selected object while number 2 shows the current frame and allows you to change the frame with the arrows on either side. Now, to sort out the blockiness, go to the Editing buttons panel [F9] and select the “Set Smooth” button.

This will change the colour of the plane to white. Just hit Space where you want to search and the menu will appear. I made a gif with a frame-step of 4. A side bar has also been added where you can see your disks, the most recent folder used, and a new function lets you create bookmarks!

F-Curves are no more present. All that does is just changes the background colour to a brighter, nicer shade of blue. Read more about 2. Hopefully this gives you enough hints to start poking around to find a solution here. So what is the Blender 2.

This is a little blender icon machine I never finished. From BlenderWiki Jump to: Now, press the Up Arrow Key until you get to frame 31 about 3 times.


Dev – BlenderWiki

Customizing the keys is done by making a local copy of blendfr default map and then editing all the options you’d like to have. Here is the chain, if you want to look.

This is not an exhaustive list of new functionality that would be too long! I just tried to import a very simple chain and sprocket model [built in 2. Humm works in 2. I put averaged value add the driver here it is another wheel then world space. You should see the “wind” hit the sheet and the sheet will blow away.

Move 2.66 any frame you want and press [F12] and it will show the rendered image for that frame. Now, if you press and hold the Left Arrow Key, you should see the Empty move back to its starting place. You now have options for the light. AVI will be saved in a folder with the rest of your rendered images.

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