Simply plugging the Firewire end into the monitor and the USB into your PC will give you the ability to use the functionality through the screen. Show More Show Less. Against Shocking LCD panel. Also here is a VGA cable, slightly mutated. Page List Top 1. This model also has 3 added usb ports on the left side with a 3. ASUS recently released a new driver that has helped some people, but we could not get it to work even then.

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This could be your digital cable box, DVD player or whatever else uses these. IDG Communications neither assumes legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any product specifications supplied.

ASUS PW TFT-LCD Monitor- Tech Reviews, Firstpost

I have used this monitor with several different inputs as it mointor inputs for dvi, vga, component, and rca.

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When running Displaymate Video Edition, we noticed some minor noise in our greyscale charts which did detract from the quality of the image. You may also be interested in Despite the rising popularity of glare type panels, the screen of the PW is that of the traditional matt, anti-glare version, which at the slight expense of color vibrancy helps minimize straining of the eyes considerably. It does however also have some limitations, most notably; we couldn’t get most games to run in the reverse resolution, even when customising their configuration files to run in x If you are in the market for a modestly sized widescreen computer monitor, then ASUS has you covered.


We did quite like the rest of the monitor’s structure, with a metal arm that allows it to both be moved upwards or downwards and tilted forward and back. In order to use say, your XBox in high-definition, you can use the cables that came with the console as this monitor will accept all six.

In the picture below, you can see that the base is capable of holding up a lot of weight in an awkward position. Here is how everything was packaged. Also here is a VGA cable, slightly mutated.

Needless to say, professionals such as graphic artists will find this combination of hardware and software orientation advantageous to their work, since they can freely adjust viewing orientation from landscape to portrait on the fly. However it does have some very practical applications for programmers who like to view long strips of code all at once.

Being that it is already a widescreen monitor, flipping it around results in an extremely stretched display, with reverse dimensions of x Well, actually this cable is what provides the USB and audio to the screen.

ASUS PW201 TFT-LCD Monitor

This model also has 3 added usb ports on the left side with a 3. Pictures monito then be enhanced either automatically or manually via the bundled Lifeframe software with the flexibility of adding photo effects.

As mentioned in the intro, the PW is far more than just a computer monitor. Our only real issue with this monitor is the extremely buggy webcam software.

Snazzy styling, great build quality and more features than you can shake a DVI cable at. It doubles as a monitor for your video game consoles, cable TV, DVD players, video cameras and whatever else you may have.

TechRadar pro

It’s hard to imagine an LCD monitor that provides more than just visual functions in an aesthetically pleasing package that boasts a jaw-dropping screen size, quick gray-to-gray response time, a built-in camera, speakers, and a whole range of connectors. The asus pw is a 20 inch diagonal measure screen in a They look great, and help keep the simplistic, smooth aesthetic, however we found them quite unresponsive, and struggled to navigate the internal menu with any sort of speed.


I would like to note that I’m have not been able to use other monitors like this one so the button issues may be an issue with this specific monitor as it was a used monitor in the review. Rob Williams Rob founded Techgage in to be an ‘Advocate of the consumer’, focusing on fair reviews and keeping people apprised of news in the tech world.

Though users may have slight tactility issues with the PW’s touch buttons, it is not severe to the extent of tainting the otherwise impressive PW I need power and lots of it. I was not impressed with the quality of the speakers, and was a little irritated with the sometimes malfunctioning button system.

Yes, this is obviously far more than a computer monitor, but rather an all-in-one screen built for whatever use you feel like.

ASUS PW Review: – Monitors – LCD Monitors – Good Gear Guide Australia

ASUS recently released a new driver that has helped some people, but we could not get it to work even then. The functionality only begins there though.

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