Carton’s answer was unimportant. German silver, tea sett,, cups, plates, lamp tops be’ls. A large and beautiful colored engraving piesented fiee with the first No. Areata wanted, to whom a liberal discount will be giren. Carton walked hoini that night with little Bertie Wynne, which gave rise to many expressions of discontent, fortunately nevir destined to reach his ears.

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The thoughts of a engine driver never go be- hind hia engine. Arm’- I Menimaii, advqn In cutting through a new street in the upper part of the city, abed of rich peat was struck, some six feet in depth.

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You won’t forbid it? He was rapidly carrying out a resolu- tionfotrythe hornets, when he suddenly disappeared in an old well, drv and shallow, and not much damage was dene.

The writing or drawing in the ink furnished for the purpose, changes the points touched by it to the opposite electric- al characier. The old man himeelt has ju-t obtained a divorct; from his third wife, aud is ouihe lookout for the fourth.


Levee 3 reet Cha. But she knew il inter heari. Myiifilc boy, Bill, was ar. Dykewood raised its eyebrows and did n”t know what to think about him. Crane, as he asked old Mrs. The temperance organiz;il ions are busy in the noblest work th;it can engage theetlort of men — that of nplifling the fal- len and ruiuiHl of our nee “an any edit- or who has one drop of the milk of human kindness anywhere: He is In favor of a Bureau of.

Why are your eyes like tdage horses? He died the next day. On the following Sunday the doator preached from the following text, which he pronounced with great emphasis, and with great emphasis, and with a significant look at Hardy, who was present: He bent down and took the two nervous little hands in his, and his face was very grave.

The funeral of Mr.

The establishment is the largest in Russia, and enjoys the patronage of the Imperial Government to the fullest extent. Carton, everybody is talking about the concert,” continued Bertie.

The rt-Holutiou went to tho llecouhtruction Coniuiiltcc. Bryant’s evening performances was over; and the animals. He saw some ultraitme and paused, saying: His name is Samuel Dun, and he is a resident of New llimpshire. I used to meet her walk- ing all over the house upon these little errands, and 1 noticed, to her great credit, -P ,1.


If thoDykehambury magnates did make fun of them all, they must bear it Mr. Greeley to the Senate.

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ConsaltiiiK Physician, Broadway. We would call attention to the two notices headed Wanted and Eatray, in another columu. There was a col- lision, and the one w ho had a policv wasn’t hurt a bit, aadvan the other — wasn’t either. Fenian troubles in Ireland have as- sumed considerable proportion, and there is no doubt that a serious outbreak has oc- curred.

Sewinx Ma- ehii’es- Enpue Sliutlie. Adcan is their intention of being able to supply an unlimited au. The paysh of Dykewood was emiueuily a musical parish. The peat is pronounced of a better quality than that used in Englani for fuel where coal is abundant.

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