You can only use any two. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. On a UltraWide board, stepping the 68 pin external connector down to 50 pins is another problem, the other 18 pins must be properly terminated higher quality conversion cables will do this properly. Conversely, the PIO cards must give the data to the computers processor, byte by byte, and the computers processor must move the data to memory, which keeps the computer pretty busy, very few idle cycles are available for other jobs. Marked as answer by Nitin. It can take longer, and your printer and modem LEDs may blink, and it can disrupt the current activity.

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Monday, June 29, 3: Refresh may cause your modem to hang up the phone line if online. Or you should highlight the SCSI controller item instead. Remove From My Forums. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

Windows 7 IT Pro. This does not mean they dont work well, but they will make your computer be very busy when scanning.

The installation routine in Add Harware Wizard is looking for an inf file. Less length than this would be expected to perform better.

So your computer should be idle.

Adaptec Avae Driver Xp – dayprogs

It can take longer, and your printer and modem LEDs may blink, and it can disrupt the current activity. Monday, June 29, 5: Well, I won’t be going to Windows 7 or any new operating system until there is scsi support. If you use an Ultra or UltraWide board with a few internal devices, and if you have the extra motherboard slot and the ava-2902 IRQ, I would suggest that your performance satisfaction will be higher if you install an inexpensive second board PCI DMA like Adaptec or for the scanner.


Your printer LED’s will flicker too, so active print jobs are probably at risk.

A few scanning tips

The scanner itself may or may not appear in the Device Manager list then, some do, some dont, it doesnt affect how they work. These are a headache for a scanner, because the Ultra spec for bus length is 1. So I will be staying with XP.

These boards will operate up to 7 SCSI devices, if the cables are short enough. Three external devices each on 3 foot cables is more realistic due to cable length. It’s much like putting a race horse in a pony ride, and there are often some problems, not entirely unexpected. A bus-mastering card will permit your computer to be mostly idle to do other things during the scan.

However, some scanners provide their own utility to do this function.

Adaptec – Adaptec SCSI Card

Some users don’t mind this, they are intent on the scanning job, but it drives others wild. Then in the Device Manager, right click on the device, and select “Scan for Hardware Changes” for Refresh, or there is a toolbar icon too.


Office Office Exchange Server. And most are DMA boards, giving some idle cycles to the computer.

There are models that do and can AHA and they cost more. The AVAE and AVA boards will accept the DB connector matching the cable that comes with many scanners, keeping the total cost down since a new cable is not needed.

Tuesday, November 10, You can only use any two. Adding an “active” terminator can make all the difference in proper performance on a Fast or Ultra bus.

Adaptec Ava-2902e PCI Db25 SCSI Card – Standard Profile Bracket

The spec’s for the maximum SCSI bus length is: This is a DB25 connector to fit many scanners. SCSI cards are available that can do DMA Direct Memory Access to move larger blocks of data directly from the card to memory itself, without going through the computer processor. Refresh will look again after the scanner is on.

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